• The user can use WEWE Global to buy products, services, and receive discounts.
  • WEWE Virtual token function within the platform to keep services active within the ecosystem. They function as a fee value - WEWE are not listed on any exchange. The user can use the tokens for personal use, or through transfer with a transaction between individuals by selecting the desired price or for free; if a user does not have WEWE to buy a product / service, the system connects the parties.
  • WEWE is a virtual token that can only be used internally on the WEWE Global platform. You can get WEWE tokens by purchasing a product or getting a cashback or working for the community by offering a service.
  • No stock exchange transactions for WEWE Global virtual token are active on the platform but a P2P billboard.
  • The token works with blockchain in order to manage the internal communication of the platform, and also communication with companies and partnership projects that provide services that WEWE Global advertises on its platform.
  • The value of the virtual token is determined by users and by the number of customers of the service. There are no predictions about its value and it is not a tool for speculating. WEWE Global is not an investment, therefore any profit from it cannot be guaranteed.
  • WEWE Global provides brokerage services between providers and creates tools for the customer.
  • WEWE Global is not an investment, since it is not an investment, it is not a matter of profits or of revenues percentage. There are no purchase obligations for the customer. There are no promises of returns. Rewards are given if there is activity within the ecosystem and from the referrals invited by the user; they are not guaranteed. The fees are generated only when the products are used, and so transactions are performed in their use.