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WEWE Global project

WEWE Global is the IT platform owned by WEWE-DAO and company "DIGITECH SERVICES LTD" BVI used by third parties who have joined the platform, for the publication and promotion of products and services, with decentralized App or just for be a Member of the WEWE Global ecosystem.

WEWE is the internal virtual token of WEWE Global.

You can use it for purchasing products and services shown on the platform, and process transactions in the ecosystem. Customers using WEWE virtual token into the ecosystem, which give access to prizes or vouchers that give access to a promotional discount on the products offered by partners on the WEWE Global portal.

WEWE Global tokens are necessary to use the services of the WEWE Global ecosystem. Without it, the customer cannot give the fuel of the services, which are in WEWE Global tokens. For example, if you want to process a Bitcoin transaction, the cost of the transaction fee of the partner will be reducted with the WEWE token.

The WEWE virtual token value depends on network growth and on its activity. WEWE has value only within the WEWE Global ecosystem; since the token is virtual, the value is like at the rating.

You can get WEWE by purchasing products, using WEWE Global services, and by giving your contribution to the community through the referral link you have.

To sell your WEWE, you can do it by peer-to-peer trading by opening an order on the Billboard page of your WEWE Global account.

WEWE Global provides the Billboard which is not an ordinary exchange but a system to connect those who want to give away their virtual tokens and those who need them to complete their purchase.

When users in WEWE Global buys a product or service, they have to pay partially in WEWE. If the users do not have WEWE, they process their purchase request with their currency and the system automatically buys WEWE for 50% of the purchase value on the Billboard at the lowest price, that another user has set to process the transaction. To place an order you have to select the quantity you want to put on the billboard, the price, and an optional discount.

No, you can't, because WEWE Global is not an investment. WEWE Global is a platform enabled to sell membership and to advertises external partner products to its community. There are no promises of returns, and it is not a matter of profits or of revenue percentage. Rewards are given if there is an activity within the ecosystem; they are not guaranteed. 

Rewards coming of fees collection are given if there is an activity within the ecosystem; they are not guaranteed. The fees are generated only when the products are used, and so transactions are performed in their use. The fees are distributed through smart contracts to users who have contributed to the growth of the ecosystem (the other part goes to the ecosystem for its well-being and work). If there were no user transactions and no use of services, no fees would be generated and therefore distributed.

WEWE Global is an ecosystem of services and products that users can use after registering. As long as there are people who use these products, then WEWE Global will be able to continue giving its service.

WEWE Global is not recognizable as a Ponzi scheme, since WEWE Global is not an investment. There are no purchase obligations for the customer. There are no promises of returns. Rewards are given if there is activity within the ecosystem; they are not guaranteed. 

The fees are generated only when the products are used, and so transactions are performed in their use. The fees are collected, and then are distributed as rewards in part to the to users who first used the platform's services (the other part goes to the ecosystem for its well-being and work). If there were no user transactions and no use of services, no fees would be generated and therefore distributed.

Services and fees ecosystem

The fee is the sum that the service provider must receive from the beneficiary for the provision of the service and the user pay directly to the partner within the download app in the WEWE Global Platform. It's a fixed price charged for a specific service.

Regarding the WEWE Global ecosystem, the fees are the gas for an activity (express in WEWE virtual token) that the customer use, convert, burn, for have access to the special price\discount\rebate to use the services present on the platform and on the application.

Fees are essential for the functioning of the services and for the maintenance of the entire ecosystem, because the system uses energy for issue the services (as a download, regisatration\referal, others), and this energy is the number of referral points accumulated or received by the user, expressed or grouped in the total WEWE virtual token. These are used to have access to the special price\discount\rebate. 

Example: A user needs to buy a digital item on WEWE Global portal, and the cost is $100. The user can buy it at the special price of $70 only if he uses, converts, burn, his WEWE virtual tokens, his rating score collected. Then, the user has to have a rating of not less than 30 WEWE in order to access to the special discount offered by the partner on the WEWE Global portal.

The membership is a means of accessing the platform's products, and receiving rewards if you use the referral link invitation. Please refer to the presentation available in your account for the contents of each type of membership.

No, memberships do not expire.

There are no purchase obligations for the customer.

Yes, a monthly payment worth € 1 payable through the WEWE Swap wallet.

Travel4You LTD is a provider for booking hotel stays and other travel experiences, which has been working for almost 20 years. Travel4You selects the most advantageous price available, lower than the main booking travels websites.

In the terms and conditions of their website, you can find their licenses and authorizations to carry out online travel activities.

As our partner, Travel4You vouchers are advertised on WEWE Global that the user can use to get discounts; vouchers are combinable and can be used to get up to 70% of the trip.

WEWE Global offers services to its users, thanks to partnerships with external companies. Due to the platform's growth, more and more partners want to be shown on it. WEWE Global receives a commission for presenting the customer's product/service to its users. More partners mean both a diversity of services for the user and more companies that have the necessary licenses to operate in certain countries, also.

WEWE Global does not directly issue services but uses Agent Licenses through third-party bees that have the authorization to issue payment services.

WEWE Global, is the IT platform owned by DIGITEC SERVICES LTD used by third parties, who have joined the platform, for the publication and promotion of their products and services, or just to have it. All Partners are independent and users and Members can be recognized as independent IWA agents.

To ensure the highest level of incorruptibility and transparency, blockchain technology is used which, through Smart Contracts and the DAO ecosystem, guarantees compliance with the highest levels of security, both in terms of compliance and internal relationship with the community.  The service that the user uses takes place 100% online, and the partner companies that issue the services are responsible for managing their collections and respecting the taxation and regulations in their country of residence.

No, WEWE Global does not need to own the licenses, because the payment services are issued by the payment service partner company that owns the necessary licenses.

WEWE Global forges partnerships with other companies in order to be able to offer various services to the public, which is a win-win solution for all involved.

WEWE Global has built its ecosystem so that 70% of the WEWE virtual token received by the activities are re-distributed to users for the referral rating, and 30% goes back to WEWE Global.



- WEWE virtual tokens are shared only when they're generated. If no transactions are made and the services are not used, the WEWE virtual tokens are not produced and therefore are not assigned.

- The allocation of WEWE virtual token can be equivalent to what companies usually invest in marketing and advertising. Here advertising is only to their users and by word of mouth, so we can reward them directly. This is rather than using the proceeds for other forms of advertising.

Invoices for products and services are issued directly by the partners, and invoicing for WEWE Global feature (as the membership) are issued by:


Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI) 

Because WEWE Global is the IT platform platform platform owned by DIGITEC SERVICE LTD used by third parties who have joined the platform, for the publication and promotion of their products and services, with decentralized App or just for be a Member of the WEWE Ecosystem.

DIGITECH SERVICES is the service provider that gives IT service at all the system. The Trust has the responsibility of the compliance for the user, partners, IWA, and guarantee the correct token producing processing and managing together with the DAO all the infrastructure WEWE Global portal.

Pay Dues is the page where you see a record of your costs paid and those to be paid in the future. When you activate a service, you will be asked to pay through the WEWE Swap wallet, a wallet from which you can load the Referral commissions, the fees collected, or by manual upload via Bitcoin. If you don't have the necessary WEWE, you can make a deposit into the WEWE Swap wallet to be ready. If you don't make it in time, you will have created a debt that you will need to pay off when you have new WEWE. The debt is granted for a duration of 90 days. After passing the 90th day, the system will no longer allow you to make transactions unless you pay the debt.

Key Activation License

Key Activation License, are unique codes that function as keys to activate applications that users download to their smartphone. 

A Key Activation License can be used only once to activate a single application, related to a unique WEWE-ID.

A Key Activation License is required to activate and use the services through a specific downloaded app.

You can buy as many Key Activation License as you want, which you can then distribute to future customers of the ecosystem at your choice (including one for you), or based on random election. You will forever be tied to the application downloaded by specific people because these people activated the application on their smartphone with the Key Activation License that you paid for. 

If these people then use the services of the ecosystem, like buying products or carrying out transactions, you get a reward; a part of the fees that the customers pay to use the services go to the ecosystem itself, and another part goes to you.

Collecting Key Activation License and distributing them to customers is an opportunity to obtain rewards from the activity of other people who join the ecosystem. You pay for the License to allow someone else to get it for free, and then, if that person uses the services that are offered by the license, you are rewarded.

Currently, you can get the Key Activation License in the following ways:

- by purchasing them on your WEWE Global account, from the dedicated page that allows the purchase of apps with your virtual tokens. Decide the number of apps and pay in virtual tokens.

- The memberships include a predetermined number of Key Activation License. Buy the membership to access WEWE Global products and also get the Key Activation License. See the information page to find out how many Key Activation Licenses are included with each membership type.

You can send the Key Activation License directly to a person of your choice, and it can also be randomly distributed to new customers of the ecosystem.

The rewards will arrive only if fees are generated - this means that services need to be used within the app. If the Key Activation License you paid for is given to a person who then does not use the services, then fees will not be generated, and you will not receive any rewards.

In the event that the app customer you have given it proves to be inactive, the Key Activation License will be deleted and you will receive a new one to be distributed to a new customer.

Login and registration

WEWE Global platform operates with a referral system, this means registration has to take place through the invitation of a user already with an account. You can sign up on WEWE Global for free.

Yes, the registration on WEWE Global is free.

You can choose a username when you sign up, and once you are logged in your account, you will be required to complete a verification of your identity called WEWE-ID. You are asked to enter your information, such as your full name (information required to work in compliance with U.S. cryptocurrency AML regulation, and AMLD5 regulations).

The referral link is a registration link to the platform that contains your account number. Through this link, a person can join the community by being part of your network.

All users have unique account numbers which they can share with people who want to join the platform. When a new user registers using an existing user's referral link, the new user will enter the platform as a part of the referring user's network.

Take a look on social networks, you will find a person who can both provide you with a referral link and follow you in your registration. We advise you to join the platform by directly asking a person who can be your active contact person. Having a contact person can be very useful for you, in order to understand how the platform and business works. A sponsor is not only a person who owns the link you register with but a person who can follow you in your activity.

Go to the page located at this link:

Select the "Remind me" button to receive a reminder of your access data. Then in the space, write the email linked to your account.

You will receive an email with your login details.


If system says the password is invalid, you can request it here: You will receive an email with your login details.

If there are still units or valid products in the account, it cannot be deleted. Nothing personal—it's just to make sure that in the future you can change your mind if you regret the choice.

If you have created an account but have never used it, you can request the deactivation by sending a ticket to support. All your personal information and history will be deleted.

No, it is not possible to change the referral account that you registered with. When you create an account through the referral link, your account will be linked to that referral link forever. If you created an account using the wrong referral, the only thing you can do is create a new account.

If you have already completed your WEWE-ID application with the "wrong" account, it is necessary to delete your first application so that you can be verified with the new account. Please contact us to change your email: In the meantime you wait for an answer, complete your identification on the new account also.

WEWE-ID Verification

The WEWE-ID is an identity verification process required by the WEWE Global platform. 

You have your WEWE-ID, a digital identity in which all your personal information, your wallets, and your activity history are collected. Some features of the platform will not be available to you until you are approved.

You can also link some features to your WEWE-ID, such as facial recognition as a confirmation system. 

You must provide your name, address, and blood group, and attach an identification document, and a photo of your face taken in real-time.

The WEWE-ID is a security system built on the KYC process (know your customer). 

WEWE Global can make sure that you are who you say you are, and you can count on the security protocol to make your experience in the ecosystem safe. Because the platform works in compliance with U.S. cryptocurrency AML regulation, and AMLD5 regulations, for which customer identification is mandatory. Any information requested is such because it belongs to this regulation.

The WEWE-ID screen application will be shown once you login to your account. You can complete it either from your desktop computer or with your smartphone. A camera is required on your device.

Verification takes about 72 hours, and your WEWE-ID can be approved or rejected in case there is an error. In the meantime, you can surf on your profile.

• Complete all the required fields; do not leave empty spaces. The only two optional fields are the "Middle name" and the space dedicated to additional information at the end of the form. 

• Write your full name as it appears on the identity document you have chosen to upload. Do not add other names (such as nicknames) or punctuation marks if they are not written in the document.

• Choose your identity document, as passport and identity card.

• Your document must be valid. Do not use expired or damaged documents.

• You will be asked for three photos:

 1. Take a photo of your face (a selfie). Make sure your face is completely visible, so don't wear sunglasses, hats, headphones or anything else.

 2. Take a photo of the front of your document. You must take the photo in a well-lit place, so you can read what is written on it. Place the document on a table, so that you do not have to hold it in your hand and cover the information with your fingers. Scans of your document are not accepted. Show some space around the document, so that it's possible to see the edges completely.

 3. Take a photo of the back of your document.

No, a natural person can only have one approved account.

Your verification will be refused, and at your next login you will be asked to send correct information where you entered it wrong. Our team will report to you the reason the information was refused.

No, you won't. You will be asked to re-enter only the incorrect information you entered. Please, carefully complete your application: we remind you that another 72 hours may pass for a second verification of your WEWE-ID!

Wallets and transactions

You have wallets for WEWE virtual token, and for Bitcoin - several other wallets will be integrated thanks to custodian's external services soon.

WEWE transactions take a few seconds to process.

The time it takes for a Bitcoin transaction to reach your wallet depends on:

 - The time needed to complete the verification of the transaction on the blockchain.

 - If you own the wallet on an online platform, it could include withdrawal times; find out about it on the relevant website.

First, check the average transaction times above. Keep in mind, something it can take a little longer than usual for a transaction to appear.

If you think it has been too long, please contact us by internal support ticket. In this case, be sure to include the following transaction information: the exact amount sent, the date of sending, and the receipt wallet address. TXID would, also, be very helpful.

Do not send screenshots; instead, you can copy and paste the information into a message and send it via support ticket. We know it can be tedious, but without specific information, the support team cannot know which transaction you are referencing.

You can make as many withdrawals as you want. There is no limit. We advise you to make a few larger withdrawals instead of many smaller withdrawals to save on transaction fees (fees are necessary for Bitcoin transactions to be processed and verified on the blockchain).

Cross-line transactions are all transactions made between users who are not part of the same network. If you send a transfer to a user who is not your sponsor, to people above your sponsor, or to a user who is not part of your downline, then you are doing a cross-line transaction.

The fee to process a transaction between cross-line accounts is 5%. The WEWE virtual tokens paid as fees will be redistributed among the ecosystem's Mobile-nodes.

Nodes ecosystem

A Mobile-Node is a smartphone node that works to maintain the WEWE network, verifying transactions.

The fee for the Mobile-Node subscription is 1€

A Masternode is a server that works to maintain the WEWE network, verifying transactions and process all the bigger jobs which Mobile-Node can't execute. Each Masternode can manage up to 25000 Users (Mobile-Nodes).

A WEWE Masternode has a value that corresponds to $ 250,000. Being very expensive, WEWE decided to create a Masternode that can be purchased in part by several users, hence the name "shared".

Once the first deposit has been made to your Mobile-Node, your WEWE will remain in your Mobile-Node for 600 days.

Since they have a role in the verification of transactions, Mobile-Nodes are essential in maintaining a working ecosystem. From its work, you receive incentives in the form of WEWE virtual tokens, which you can use to make transactions, make purchases, and utilize the system's services.

Once the 600 days are over, you can withdraw at most 0.5% of the value of your wallet daily.



The Billboard is a new concept of communication with people, and it is fully connected to the ecosystem's being. Users who need WEWE virtual token in order to buy any product can match the order of another user.

No, the billboard can't guarantee the process of orders, since billboard is a service made available to users to promote a P2P sale between users. Users are free not to accept the set price, and therefore the order process is not guaranteed.

Log in to your WEWE Global account and select the menu "Billboard" on the left of your page.

Your account must be verified to use the Billboard service. If you have already completed entering the requested data, please wait for your profile verification. It takes about 72 hours to be verified by our team.

If the data and photos you entered are correct, then your account will be approved and you will be able to use the Billboard. If there are any errors to correct, the system will ask you to enter the info/image again at your next login.

You can't buy WEWE through the billboard because they are not a speculative asset. You can get WEWE by purchasing products, using WEWE Global services, and by giving your contribution to the community through the referral link you have.

Place an order of your WEWE and get voucher, product or crypto. When you place an order on the board, you see your position in the queue according to your request. This means that each new order will find a line of other customers already waiting for exchange.

The time it will take for your order to be processed depends on:

 - how many users require WEWE to complete their purchases

 - your position in the queue. 


You can climb up the queue by making a discount on your order price. To do this, use the “up and down” buttons to experience your escalation in the Billboard and view the final amount you will receive in bitcoin.

 The user in the first position is the next in line to exchange their WEWE and receive bitcoin. Once the first order in the list is processed, the next one moves up to the first place.


Choose between: 

Service basics



Referral bonuses

Service basics

SMARTSTAKE is a platform that uses automatisms to make it easier for people to take part in the decentralized finance (DeFi) and masternode markets, without having to make large contributions of either cryptocurrency amounts or knowledge. You can easily choose which token to deposit and activate as a stak, as well as receive a Masternode Pool account and an arbitrage service.

Staking is the process your wallet takes to validate transactions and reward you with tokens. When your wallet is staking, it checks transactions to make sure everything works properly. If most stake wallets agree that a transaction is valid, it is accepted by the network and the system carry out the transaction.

DeFi is short for decentralized finance. It is an experimental form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks, and instead utilizes smart contracts on blockchains.

The most common is Ethereum. As of October 2020, over $11 billion was deposited in various decentralized finance protocols, which represents more than a tenfold growth during the course of 2020.

Masternodes are transaction verifiers in the blockchain network. They require an initial collateral of tokens to operate. Their operation is based on staking, the blocking of cryptocurrencies in a digital wallet that is configured to become a validator.

The goal of the work is to correctly verify the operations that pass through it. If someone tries to carry out faulty operations or to trick the network, they risk losing the blocked coins. The wallet becomes a transaction verifier that guarantees the total of the blocked coins.

Masternode pools allow you to combine funds with other people's or groups', in order to meet the staking requirements for a masternode. When the masternode receives a reward, that reward is divided among the participants of the pool, in a ratio proportional to each member's stake.

A SMARTPOOL license is a software license that provides the opportunity to participate in multiple masternodes, without having to choose a specific one. This license has the task of managing the maintenance, connection and distribution of rewards.

Your token will be sent directly to the pool after obtaining a software from our SMARTPOOL license and will be converted into various masternode tokens. A multi-currency conversion framework and a machine learning tool are used to build a portfolio based on the best risk-reward ratio of the most profitable masternodes. Machine learning can assemble and disassemble masternodes during a working day, to maximize rewards or to safeguard the pool.

Yes, a one-year backtesting was carried out to test a predictive model on historical data. It will be made public on the portal in April 2021.

SMARTPOOL license is not a financial project. It is not a token, cryptocurrency, or stock. SMARTSTAKE gives people the ability to easily manage various cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Each user should find out how the declaration and taxation work for the sums they withdraw from the portal. Since it is different in every country, we recommend that you contact your accountant who will be able to advise you.

Yes, every time an inbound and outbound transaction occurs, the wallet shows the updated amount.

Yes, the software is legal. It is a product that a person may choose to support their staking, Masternodes and DeFI management in order to participate in the infrastructure support of various cryptocurrencies.

No. Regulations vary and you should always be informed of the rules and regulations regarding a specific cryptocurrency or related business of the country in question.

Have a look at the dedicated Wikipedia page. Please keep in mind that it is not a government source - acquire more information on authoritative websites of your country's government.

The REBUY is a feature of the SMARTPOOL software license that works for the maintenance of the service system, therefore enabling the license to run many times – "time" is understood as the variable time that runs from the beginning to the end of a license agreement.

This feature is shown as a kind of counter. The counter starts at the end of the reception of your total rewards.

Once you have received enough commissions that correspond with your potential reward, subtracting the cost of the license, you will continue to receive rewards and the same amount will appear also into the REBUY count.

The REBUY of your account will be reset once you have made the next license purchase. Then, for the third license purchase, the REBUY becomes a counter again. The user receives 2.5x for their first license, 2x for the second period when the REBUY is active, then 2.5x again for the third time, and then alternates.

Let's see an example to make it easier:

John buys a license of 1000 WEWEX value. The potential reward is 2500 WEWEX = 1000 WEWEX paid for the purchase of the license + 1500 WEWEX of total potential rewards.

When John receives 1500 WEWEX, he can still receive other 1000 WEWEX. At this point, he regularly receives his rewards in the reward wallet and, at the same time, he views the same number in the REBUY counter.

When the REBUY reaches 1000 WEWEX, it means his license agreement is concluded, since he has received all the potential rewards. At this point, he can purchase a new license in which he will get a potential reward of 2x. At the end of the second license, John decides to buy a third license, in which he will be able to get the 2.5x reward.


The duration of the license is limited by the max reward purchased in the license.

A license is considered terminated when the owner has received all potential rewards. It is possible to cancel a license before the expiration deadline if at least twenty-four (24) months have passed since the purchase date of the license. Once canceled, the user will receive their residual collateral owned in the stake, Masternodes and DeFi. The license will then no longer be active and receipt of daily rewards will end.

Paying the sum in 70% bitcoin and 30% WEWE virtual token.


It is activated within 10 days of purchase.

Each person can purchase 3 licenses for every 100 euros of Multiservis Box (ratio 1: 3). This means that if you own a MEGA Multiservices Box, you will be able to purchase 300 WEWEX of SMARTPOOL license.

License purchase promotions may be posted. Stay up to date on community news!

No, you will have a single reward wallet where you will receive the rewards of all the licenses you own.


The portal does not issue any tokens, but manages third-party tokens and cryptocurrencies through its system. Consequently, the rewards depend on the value generation based on these projects. Rewards can increase or decrease depending on the trend of the crypto market and on how those projects decide to develop.

The software developers worked for one year to test its performance before publishing it on the market. However, predicted results formed from the history of past awards are not considered to be a guarantee of future rewards. Each token can make decisions and change the reward rules. Rewards are based on the distribution and reward that each token generates, and the rewards associated with each pool are based on the rate of reward.

The distribution of the rewards is in WEWE virtual tokens and you receive them in your WEWE Swap wallet, where the conversion of the tokens into bitcoin takes place.

In the future, SMARTSTAKE will put through a function to receive the rewards in the same currency as the tokens managed in the stakes, master nodes and DeFi.

Two types: referral distribution and SMARTPOOL ambassadors distribution. Both are daily.

You can receive additional reward fees every day, thanks to the SMARTPOOL distribution. On each license, you can receive rewards for up to expiring licenses of our community. Once your license expires, you will no longer receive referrals. To activate the levels, your turnover must be balanced. To receive payments, you must be active and qualified.

You have to be active and qualified in the month and have at least the rank of Ambassador 6 Stars. It means, you have to collect a minimum purchase in your first level and a minimum of the turnover team. Check the presentation to see the requirements to be active and qualified.

Referral bonuses

When people open their account via your referral link, they will be connected to your account. When they receive rewards, you will receive referral rewards too, which will be an accelerator for your SMARTPOOL license, because each referral reward payment will decrease your total pending reward. If you don't have total pending rewards you cannot receive any referrals.

The cost of each license will give you half the volume point value, i.e. one license of 100 WEWEX is 50 volume points.

Yes, it is calculated in the rank.

No, it doesn't.

No, it doesn't.

No, it doesn't.

Yes, with volume point 50 out of 100: that means every 100 WEWEX of a license are loaded 50 WEWEX in the turnover.

Yes, with volume point 50 out of 100: that means every 100 WEWEX of a license are loaded 50 WEWEX in the turnover.