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Discover the blockchain
and cryptocurrencies,
how to use them and their benefits


Use with your cryptocurrencies
on e-commerce and travel
booking websites


Send and receive
money worldwide quickly,
and at a low cost

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WEWE Global project aims to make cryptocurrencies more acceptable worldwide

How, you ask?

By partnering with companies

that accept cryptocurrencies and advertising them to our global community

By creating tools and applications

that simplify cryptocurrency transactions and payments

What you get from WEWE

E-commerce websites

Discover a lot of
e-commerce websites that accept bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies

Get trips discounts

Save up to 70% on hotel bookings worldwide with travel vouchers

Blockchain school

Follow video course about blockchain economy


Verify transactions and support the network


Take part in the best ICO projects developments

Crypto software

Software for automated arbitrage and trading

Referral program

Share your favorite products and receive incentives

Payment app

That enables payment with your cryptocurrencies in 52 million physical stores

WEWE Global Community

WEWE Global is the decentralized platform where its community members find products to get the most out of their cryptocurrencies.

WEWE Global

connects services

Create your digital identity named WEWE-ID, which is verified by authorized associate companies and then stored in the blockchain. Thereafter, you can access the platform and explore services published by WEWE and its partners, all in one place.

Main Services


Travel Voucher

Redeem travel vouchers to save up to 70% on your next hotel bookings. Vouchers can be combined and have no expiry date before their activation.


Shopping Voucher

Available on

Generate vouchers to use in the online stores of our partners. Choose what you like, order it, and save up to 90%.


The Academy

Available on

Attend blockchain and cryptocurrency training courses, created exclusively for WEWE Global members.

WEWE, the fees ecosystem

WEWE Global has its own internal virtual token. You can use it for purchasing products shown on the platform and get cash back.

WEWE is the World Enhanced Wealth Ecosystem

The main purpose of the WEWE virtual token is to work as the fee-currency of the ecosystem.

Each transaction between users, or payment made for a service, is a transaction that generates a fee. The fees are a small cost that allows the ecosystem to work. Here, the fees are always in WEWE virtual tokens. The fees are distributed with those who made the growth of the community possible.