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Relationships, benefits and expansion with community

WEWE Global today has a community that exceeds 140 thousand members in over 80 countries around the world, who contribute every day to the growth of the project by sharing the platform with their friends, being rewarded by commissions generated by sharing and use of its services. With a simple registration anyone can be part of the community and receive all the benefits of the referrals program.


Cryptocurrencies in your daily life

A team composed of over 150 people who work every day to improve security protocols for greater protection of customer funds, and above all a continuous and constant evolution in improving the user experience with a simple and intuitive interface.


Digital Entrepreneurs

Create your own business and make a career. Members have at their disposal an academy to educate themselves in the world of blockchain, and a network of ambassadors who hold online meetings to share knowledge.

Coin Wewe Global

Wealth sharing

The WEWE Global ecosystem collects fees generated by transactions, and redeems up to 70% of them to communities. Every fee of the platform is always in WEWE virtual tokens that work as the fuel of the ecosystem.


Cryptocurrencies as major money

WEWE Global supports the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. WEWE Global wishes to provide a tool with lasting value, enabling users to pay with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and altcoin for products, services, and other transactions.

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